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Staging Makeover Service

Don’t want to play the guessing game on what needs to be done to stage your home? This home staging consultation is for home sellers who need home staging advice for every room in the house! We work with your current furniture and meet in person in the Moore County, NC and surrounding areas where we roll up our sleeves and start moving things around to get your home ready to sell.

Here is what to expect:

  • 2 hour working staging session in your home
  • Full home review (inside and outside)
  • Furniture rearranging right on the spot
  • Hang wall art if needed
  • Declutter and depersonalize
  • Get your house ready for pictures

We can also:

>> Go shopping on your behalf for items we need

>> Follow up on rearranging and accessorizing or prepare for photo shoot 


Staging Snapshot

Need home staging advice for one room but not the whole house? I provide customized staging advice for your room and you make all the changes yourself! We do this all online with a quick 24-48 hour business day turnaround. You can learn more here.

Send pictures of your room and receive:

>> Best room layout

>> Items to add or remove

>> Recommended wall colors if needed

Investment: $50

Duration: One Day turnaround


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living room


How to Stage My Living Room

Know exactly WHERE to place your furniture, WHAT accessories to use and WHAT colors look best in your living room with this online course. You can get more course details here.

Here is what you get inside:

>> Stackable 5 lesson video series to walk you through each section

>> Living room layout ebook, accessories workbook and checklists

>> Home Staging examples with before and after pictures

Investment: $47

Duration: Self-paced



Interior Decorating Service

Want to update your home? Moved into a new one and don’t know how to arrange your furniture? Or maybe you need that design eye to help you make it feel like home? An initial home decorating consultation includes:

  • Discussion of your decorating style
  • Take measurements of the room
  • Decide on a color palette
  • Custom action plan with furniture arrangement, accessories, & wall color recommendations
  • Each additional hour or follow-up is $100/hr

We can also:

>> Go shopping on your behalf for items you need

>> Provide links to items for you to purchase


Investment: $250

Duration: up to 2 hours

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Moving Made Easy with our Editable Moving Checklist Planner

Planning a move can be overwhelming, but not with our Editable Moving Checklist Planner Printable! Designed to simplify the moving process, this printable offers a comprehensive list of tasks and reminders for every stage of your move.

Order your checklist and receive

>> 17 editable checklists in Google Sheets

>> Instant Download

>> Print or check off each item as you go

Don’t let the stress of moving get to you – stay organized and make your move a breeze with our Editable Moving Checklist Planner Printable!


Moving Checklist Planner
Moving Checklist Planner
This moving checklist is designed to simplify the moving process.


What is home staging?

Home staging is preparing a house for sale in the real estate market where a home is decorated to appeal to the target buyer.

What is a target buyer?

A target buyer is someone who would buy your home whether it is a family or a single person. According to internationally recognized home staging expert Debra Gould, The Staging Diva®, it is important to stage a home with a target buyer in mind. Armed with this information as well as knowledge of the neighborhood, a home stager can effectively decorate your home to appeal to them. Home stagers are trained to be objective and will show the potential of your home. Don’t rely on target buyers to use their imagination and see past your clutter and furnishings. By showing the best features of your home a home stager will rearrange furniture, recommend any changes and bring in items to complete the look needed for the target buyer.

Many buyers start with a must-have list of things in a home such as 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, a yard and a garage. As Debra Gould explains, this falls by the way-side when they fall in a love with a home even if it doesn’t have everything on their list! This is the feeling you want to portray when buyers are looking at your home which is exactly why home staging works.

Does home staging work in a hot and cold market?

Home staging works in both a cold market and hot market, says Debra Gould. In a slow market, the housing inventory is low so buyers are in no hurry to put in a bid. They can stand to wait until they find the perfect home. In this case, staging makes them fall in love with your home because it is move-in ready. In a hot market, when there is a lot of inventory to choose from, a staged home can start up a bidding war which results in more money in the home seller’s pocket.

Do you type up an action plan?

No, I leave it to you to write down any notes or I can provide the video recording to you at no cost.

What if I need to buy some accessories?

I can tell you where to shop for them or go shopping on your behalf. I can send you links to the items so that you can buy them yourself which is an additional fee of $100/hr.

What if I want you to come back after I staged my house for a "checkup"

I can certainly meet you online via a video chat or you can send me pictures and give you any additional feedback for $100/hour.

Do you offer refunds?

No we do not.

Do you stage vacant homes?

No we do not.

We also have free home staging resources

Choose your free resource below and get started on selling your home




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