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With my instant downloads or book a consultation online, you can DIY to stage your home or get expert staging advice. Browse these home staging services or DIY Staging Packages to fit your budget and timeline. If you’re not sure, just ask!


4 Most Important Rooms to Stage
4 Most Important Rooms to Stage
You know you need to stage your house but wonder where to start first? That is why I created this free webinar to focus on the 4 most important rooms to stage. You will learn about some staging myths, the 4 most important rooms and what you can do. Click "add to cart" to sign up and watch this webinar when you are ready!
30 Easy Tips to Get Your Home Sold Faster
30 Easy Tips to Get Your Home Sold Faster
You don't have time to figure out where to start, you just want someone to tell you what to do. That is why I created this easy to follow checklist for the interior and exterior of your house. Utilize what you already have in your home and enhance it by transforming it with these 30 easy steps for a quick sale.
How to Stage Your Home with Accessories
Get my most popular DIY staging cheat sheets to help accessorize your home. Using what you have, these cheat sheets show beginners how to stage with accessories in the living room, entryway, bedroom and more!
Living Room Layouts
Giving you the peace of mind to make furniture arranging easy. This living room layout pack shows you easy to follow furniture layouts for different shaped rooms. Use these diagrams to help you stage any shaped living room!
Staging Snapshot
Need staging advice for just 1 room? Or maybe 3 or 4 rooms but not the whole house? Kasia provides customized staging advice for your room and all you do is make the changes yourself! Send pictures of your room and receive staging advice within 24 hours.
Home Staging Consultation
Kasia provides staging advice for the ENTIRE HOUSE so that you know exactly what needs to change in order to get your house ready to sell. This service is available online via Zoom, Whatsapp or Messenger or in person.