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Finally learn how to stage your living room without relying on others

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You know leaving your home decor as-is is bad advice, right?


 As a home seller, selling your house can be draining.

There is so much to do and you don’t know where to focus your efforts.

Should you remove all your furniture and sell it empty?

Wouldn’t it be easier to just leave it as-is?

Isn’t the real estate market hot anyway?

But I am here to help you stage your living room in an easy to follow format

Even if…

you don’t have the “designer eye”

you’re not sure where to put everything

you think you need designer looking furniture

or you think it will cost losts of money

home staging service


Learn EXACTLY where to place all your furniture

You know there is an optimal layout and the current one isn’t working.

Know what colors work best for your living room

Gone are the days where you second guess yourself. Instead, you hear others gasping over the changes you made for the better.

Stage your living room yourself without relying on professionals to be there

Be confident in your new staging skills and show off the room in a better light. You don’t need to wait for someone to show up and tell you what to do.


This is all possible. And it’s why I created my How to Stage a Living Room Course!





It’s not just an online course. But also 10 years worth of staging expertise wrapped up in the easiest way to learn how to stage your living room.


Join and after today,

walk away knowing how to avoid those living room staging mistakes others make.


A stackable 5 lesson video series that walks you through each step of the staging process for your living room (value $250)

Workbooks, checklists, ebooks, guides etc that show you exactly how and where to place everything from furniture to accessories and color palettes (value $100)

Home staging examples of living rooms so you can see before and after pictures where these staging techniques were applied (value $150)

“Home staging used to be optional. Today it’s a necessity to sell your house.”

Barb Corcoran

According to the 2019 Home Staging Profile

by the National Association of Realtors,

staging the living room

was the most important room for buyers.”

home staging kasia mcdaniel

Hi! Kasia here.

Can I be honest with you?

I got into home staging in 2013 after moving around with the military and learning how to stage my own houses back in 2002.

But then I started to notice that home owners had no idea how to stage their home, especially the living room. There was too much furniture or the walls were empty. Realtors would even ask me in open houses what I would change!

So I went all in and started tracking all the living rooms I staged. I realized room arrangements were repeated while others were different based on room shapes. Certain colors were best for staging while others were not.

10 years later, I’ve collected all this information and used it to help me quickly stage a living room without making mistakes.

And now? I want the same for you.

That’s why I created How to Stage a Living Room Course.

Let’s do this!

Who this program is for…

You should definitely attend this course if…

  • You are a real estate agent and want to add staging services

  • You are the homeowner selling your house soon

  • You are unsure of what really should stay in a living room

  • You are unsure of the best furniture layout for your home and you want the cheat sheets to make it easy on you!

    You might want to wait to purchase this course if…

    • you don’t believe staging can help you sell your home
    • you aren’t adding staging services to your real estate portfolio
    • you think emptying a home is the best way to sell a home

    If you have questions, I have answers!


    Q: How do I know if the How to Stage a Living Room Course is for me?

    A: If want to learn how to quickly set up a living room and make it show better than the current state it is in, then this course is for you.


    Q: I’m terrible at decorating and knowing where to put stuff, will this course help me?

    A: Yes! In this course I share 26 different living room furniture layouts and I break it down by room shape. There are lots of pictures in my ebook to show you how to stage a coffee table and where to find accessories if you don’t have any.


    Q: Do you offer refunds?

    A: No because these lessons are all digital and you get them all at once to help you stage your living room.

    Q: How is this course different from other Staging Living Room courses?

    A: There are not that many How to Stage a Living Room courses online. Most are for future home stagers and not for real estate agents or home sellers. I made this course based on my 10 years of experience staging homes.


    Q: Do I need to buy anything else to aid in this course?

    A: No because I share cheat sheets, diagrams and layouts all in this How to Stage a Living Room Course.



    Are you in?

    Here is everything you will have access to:


    What items stay or go

    Ideal Furniture Layouts

    How to Accessorize with Color

    Best Wall Colors

    Before and After Photos


    ALL FOR $47!