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Staging Consult for 1 room!

Are you a realtor and need staging advice for 1 room?

Maybe as a home seller you are struggling with the best way to show off a room?

Take some pictures and send them my way!

I will provide the best furniture layout, items to keep or remove, and wall color if needed. Then you implement my advice to sell your home quickly.

Steps to take:

1. Add your Staging Snapshot to the cart and pay.

2. Fill out this form and submit your pictures.

3. An email will be sent to you with recommended changes you can do yourself!

Picture taking tips

  • Turn on lights
  • Open all windows
  • Stand in one corner of the room (or main entrance)
  • Zoom out so you can get as much of the room as possible in one picture
  • Keep the camera as level as possible

3. Complete recommendations as suggested.

home staging living room


Send 1 room picture to get staging advice with room layout, wall color and items to add/remove.