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We placed our house on the market and it didn’t sell for quite some time. We then hired Kasia to help us stage the house and wow, what a difference she made! We walked room by room and decided together what stayed and what needed to be repurposed. I was amazed at what home staging actually was. She worked with what we had already in the house and I was so thankful that we didn’t need to start from scratch. Her eye for furniture placement and color was amazing! She made it so easy. She thought of ideas that I would have never thought of. I strongly recommend Kasia and her services for home staging! She’s personable, fun and very smart!

Amy A

Home seller

Do you struggle with knowing what looks best in a room?


Do you stare at your living room or kids bedroom and wonder how you could possibly get everything under control and look good for pictures? 

You are not alone.

And I know you’ve already researched “how to” home staging tips, listened to some podcasts and you still don’t know where to begin or how to tackle staging your home.

But I am here to help you get your house ready to sell in a more simplified way.

Even with:

  • time constraints
  • tight budget
  • limited furniture
  • an “old fashioned” looking home
  • kids running around
  • your house is a “hot mess”
home staging foyer entryway



Rely on an expert to tell you EXACTLY what needs to be done

No second guessing here what stays and what goes

Start getting your house ready for pictures now

Roll up your sleeves, we start moving things around in each room during the consultation

Prioritize the work that needs to be done keeping budget and timeline in check

Know that budget and timeline are important to you the homeowner

That is all possible. And that is why I provide my Home Staging Makeover Service!


Home Staging Makeover Service

home staging const

This is a 2 HOUR home staging consultation to get your house ready to sell quickly.

It’s not just a consultation. We actually start moving things around in each room so you don’t have to remember what I said. We take actionable steps and reuse the furniture, decor and accessories to wow buyers.

Buy today and schedule right away!

Here is what’s included:

  • A walk around your home (inside and outside)
  • Rearranging furniture and accessories as needed
  • Hang wall art
  • Decluttering and depersonalizing
  • Prioritized list of room by room recommended changes
  • ONLINE consult via Zoom if I can’t personally come to your home


On market for 70+ days we needed help with the look and feel of our single family property. After Blue Diamond was done staging the house, we had a full price offer within a week. Thanks so much with all of your help Kasia, we will be calling you again!

Kevin S.

Real Estate Agent

Loved the staging Kasia! Always makes my end more fun to see different staging styles, and that was a great house!

Lauren K.

Real Estate Photographer

home staging kasia mcdaniel

Hi! Kasia here.

Can I be honest with you?

I got into home staging in 2013 after moving around with the military and learning how to stage my own houses back in 2002.

But then I started to notice that home owners had no idea how to stage their home. There was too much furniture or the walls were empty. Realtors would even ask me in open houses what I would change!

So I went all in and started tracking all the houses I staged. I realized room arrangements were repeated while others were different based on room shapes. Certain colors were best for staging while others were not.

10 years later, I’ve collected all this information and used it to help me quickly stage a house without making mistakes.

And now? I want the same for you.

That’s why I help homeowners like you stage your houses so you can sell it quickly.

Let’s do this!

Who this service is for…

You should definitely sign up for a staging consultation if…

  • you want to sell your home quickly
  • you are a realtor who wants to help your client sell their home quickly
  • you are willing to make changes to show off your home
  • you want someone to tell you exactly what should be done to sell your home faster

You might want to wait to purchase a staging consultation if…

  • you don’t believe staging can help you sell your home
  • you are happy with using your home decor
  • you are unwilling to make changes to help sell your home
  • you think emptying your home is the best way to sell your home

If you have questions, I have answers!

How is this different than other home staging consultations?

As a home stager, I prefer to reuse what you already have in the home. I don’t push rental furniture on you because that can be a costly expense. We start moving things around during the consult. You can be either in the house while I move things around or not. You can also feel free to help me move items around so you can be part of the staging process and understand why the changes are recommended.

Do you type up the action plan?

No I leave it to you to write down any notes or I can provide the video recording to you at no cost.

What if I need to buy some accessories?

I can tell you where to shop for them or go shopping on your behalf. I can send you links to the items so that you can buy them yourself which is an additional fee of $100/hr.

What if I want you to come back after I staged my house for a "checkup"?

I can certainly meet with you via online video chat and give you any additional feedback for $100/hr.

Do you offer refunds?

No we don’t.

Are you in?

Here is everything a home staging consultation includes:


Decluttering and depersonalizing

Rearranging furniture

Hanging up wall art

Color consult

Prioritized list of room by room recommended changes