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The Creative Home Podcast | Episode #199

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Have you heard of slow-decorating? I have not but slow-decorating is another trend that has been coming up. But I find that I’ve been doing that myself over the years. I take my time to find the pieces that finish the room rather than rush to get the set and be done with it. This can be hard if you have empty rooms or empty walls and you just want to be done. but if you take the time to get the room like you want it, this may take some time. So let’s talk about the slow-decorating trend you can use in your new home in this episode.


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How slow-decorating can help you decorate your home

by Kasia McDaniel | The Creative Home Podcast

How the slow decorating trend can help you decorate your home

I read about the slow decorating trend recently and realized that I actually do that when it comes time to moving into new homes. Not all the furniture pieces will fit the same way from one home to another and after moving every 3 years (it seems), I’ve done my fair share of moving and squeezing things into spaces. And if you are moving soon and have to sell your home, I do have a new pre-recorded webinar that you might be interested in. It’s called, The 4 most important rooms to stage. In this short 20 minute webinar, I share the rooms that you need to focus on because we always seem to be short on time. Everything seems to be in a hurry when it comes time to move. Everything has a deadline, and you run around trying to get everything done. But this webinar focuses on the 4 most important rooms that buyers look at and make all the difference when staging your home.

So if you aren’t in any hurry to decorate that is fine, or now that you are in your new home, slow decorating may just up your alley. So what is slow decorating?

The slow decorating trend is defined as not decorating everything at once in a new home. Take the time to figure out how you want to use the room. It may not be easy to live with an empty room or bare walls but these tips can help you slow down and figure out how to best set up your home.

1| Splurge on high end stuff for the slow decorating trend

When you spend money on stuff then you are more likely to keep it longer and not throw it out. It’s a more eco-conscious. Buy furniture that is already put together versus pieces you have to put together. Those are more higher end pieces and will likely also last longer.

2| Take the time to budget

Some pieces will cost more like that sectional you are eyeing. That’s fine. I had one living space where we ended up calling it the parlor because we already had a living room. The parlor had a nice fireplace, loveseat, some chairs and bookshelves. It was a great place to entertain friends and we talked or parlayed in there. There was no TV to distract us because that was in the living room. I bought the rug from one store, the chairs from target, the pillows from another store and the loveseat from yet another furniture store. It took a few months to get there but it helped us decide how we wanted to use the room.

3| Avoid trendy items when using the slow decorating trend

Trends come and go and when you buy everything at once, you will likely buy something that will be out of trend sooner than you think. This is a great time to find something that is classic and stands the test of time (again more likely you will hold on to longer). You can pick smaller pieces that are easy to change out but be aware of bigger trend items like flooring or appliances.

4| Mixing styles is ok

It’s your personality and your home. Find pieces that make you happy or functional. Mix rustic with boho or contemporary. Again, if it makes you happy then do it! Find antique pieces that you can give new life whether it’s in a bedroom or living room.

5| Buy local and handmade for your slow decorating trend

This is especially true if you travel and pick up pieces from your trips. Artwork, baskets etc are great ways to elevate your style and dress up your room. Plus each piece has a story you can share when you have friends over because they are such unique pieces.

These are just some ways you can approach decorating your home. There’s nothing wrong with using items from big box stores to get you started, but when you find pieces that create the aura you want in a room, don’t be afraid to take some time to slow-decorate.


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