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The Creative Home Podcast | Episode #188

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A graduate of the University of Florida, Marisa Sellman was the Director of Finance at Grace Covenant Church for 11 years when she felt God wanted her to use her business skills to help build the Kingdom. Marisa founded The Marketplace in September 2012 and has not looked back. The Marketplace is a nonprofit Christian Fair Trade store that partners with over 100 ministries in 30 countries. Marisa works hands on with the ministries in business consulting and design. She has walked with those who have leprosy in India, heard the stories of those trafficked in Cambodia, worked with young girls rescued from trafficking between the ages of 9-14  in Ecuador, visited a brothel in Bolivia, and walked the Red Light District in Bangkok Thailand. She believes to empower people and change lives you need to understand where they have been. She will be sharing stories of her adventures and what it took to step out in faith and live her God sized dream!


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How to beautifully stage & decorate your home with artisan baskets

by Kasia McDaniel | Creative Home Podcast

Here’s a glance at this episode:

>> [4:25] It’s all about the artisans who had no jobs and create this incredible craft by hand

>> [5:15] How Marisa started The Marketplace

>> [6:23] Tell me about the baskets that your artisans created and the work it takes to make one

>> [7:55] Different ways you can use the baskets in your home to decorate or stage it

>> [12:40] Advice for those decorating with baskets

>> [13:43] Special items that the Marketplace can provide

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