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Have you noticed lately that fresh, bold colors are trending right now? Paint companies come out with new colors every year but you don’t have it in the budget to update your home to stay on trend. Updating your home with those colors can sometimes cost a fortune but you can do other things instead. Let me share some little things that you can get your hands on to update your home and give you a new look without breaking the bank.

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Blue is a great color to use on the walls or in tiles right now. But you don’t want to rip out perfectly good tile or repaint, right? Add this moody blue color in your kitchen by adding these items in your home.

Jewel tones like turquoise blue or saphhire are great colors to incorporate into an all white kitchen. Use placemats or vases to help bring in more blue tones into your kitchen. Add a sapphire colored chair in a bedroom or office.

Seafoam green

Bedsheets are an easy way to change out with the season and you can find them in seafoam green. Green is a very calming color and something you can easily bring into a bedroom.

Towels are another great way to add green to a bathroom. Leave the wall color a neutral white, gray or beige and add green to the bathroom. Even throw pillows on the couch or a favorite chair is an easy way to add green to a room.

Nature Inspired

If you are looking for more wooden and nature inspired items, you can add some of these items to your home.

Earthly colors

Earthly colors such as dark browns, reds and orange can be easily incorporated into your home in many different rooms. Add artwork, throw blankets, pillows, vases and more to help you achieve this color palette.


Blush is becoming a new neutral color in a home and is used more by Millenials. Blush can be added in baskets, bedsheets, pillows and more to a white or gray room.

I hope this gives you some inspiration to help you update your home. Most of these items can be easily changed out and removed when you want. If you still need help decorating a room, I offer online decorating services to help you find the look you want in your home.