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We all have small bathrooms somewhere in our house and we wish we could knock down a wall just to make it bigger. However, some of us don’t have that option. In this case, there are certain tips and tricks you can do to make your bathroom FEEL bigger just by changing out a few things.

Light wall color

Lighter wall colors help make a small space feel bigger. By simply making the bathroom a white, beige or light gray color, you enhance the space and make it FEEL more open. Choose a light color and try to keep the other elements in the room in the same color family. Go all white with Decorator’s White or choose a warm beige or gray like Revere Pewter. A bathroom may seem cramped but a light wall color will help brighten up the space.


A chunky framed mirror can take up more space visually so opt with a thin framed mirror in your bathroom. It will still give you the mirror you need, plus it will help reflect the light in the bathroom and make the room feel bigger.

You don’t have to go with a traditional rectangular mirror. A round mirror helps soften the angles in a bathroom and make the room feel bigger because your eye is drawn to follow the lines. A mirror like the one to the right from Amazon is an option as a 20 inch round metal framed mirror (as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases).

Large tile

If you are redoing your small bathroom tile, this is a great time to replace it with larger tiles.  We had small penny tiles on the floor but replaced with large 12×24 tiles on the shower wall and 16×16 tiles on the floor. Larger tile makes the room feel bigger. Plus when you use rectangular tiles and lay them horizontally on the wall, it “stretches the room” wider visually even though you didn’t move a single wall.

Keep the tile and grout in a similiar color as the wall to stay consistent. Color contrasts (like white and black) will make the room feel smaller.

If you want to see how I redid this hallway bathroom, read the blog post here.


Small bathroom vanity

 If your space is narrow, then a narrow vanity will help keep things in proportion. A vanity such as this one at 19 inches deep and 24 inches wide is a great piece that can still store your essential bathroom items and look nice. A drawer is a great place to store rolls of toilet paper or feminine hygiene products. Use a basket to store your every day items and keep it in the cabinet. Clutter just makes the space feel smaller so go ahead and store it away.

Be sure to find a vanity that again closely matches your wall and tile colors. Contrasting colors such as a brown or dark blue cabinet with white everywhere else defeats the purpose of making the room feel bigger.



If you have a larger counter area, be sure to keep the countertops clear of clutter. This is another space that makes the bathroom feel smaller because it looks like you don’t have space to put everything away. Use baskets to store your every day items and store excess items like extra shampoos, soaps and makeup in another closet and not in your bathroom.

Those are just some ways to get your bathroom to feel a bit bigger than it really is by using these tips and tricks. If you need help with your bathroom or other spaces in your home, be sure to sign up for my free clarity session call so we can discuss your needs and how I can help you get there.