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5 Must Do Items for Home Security

Many people take all kinds of precautions when it comes to locking doors, walking kids across busy streets, etc. But do you consider the home security risks when selling your home? I am not trying to scare you but complete strangers will walk through your home when you are not present. Make sure you take these steps in putting things away to avoid any issues.

  1. home securityStash anything with your name on it – Mail, checkbooks, prescriptions. These are ripe with information that people can use for identity theft. You wouldn’t believe the checkbooks I found lying around on top of desks left by the homeowners during an open house.
  2. Little hands – Children will sometimes accompany their parents when looking for a home. If you have collectables or high value items, remove them from the property to avoid any mishaps.
  3. Electronics – Ipads, phones, and game systems should be stored away. These are small enough devices easily picked up and removed from your home. Better yet, turn on “Find my iphone, ipad” in case it does get lost.
  4. Jewelry and watches – People look through closets when your house is on the market. Lock up these items too.
  5. Be aware of squatters if your home is vacant – There are some stories out there of people (squatters) who take advantage of empty homes. I don’t recommend trying to sell a vacant home because it doesn’t give buyers a sense of scale in determining if the furniture will fit. But if you must leave a home vacant, make sure you have a trusted friend visit the home every week.

Bottom line: Home security should be a concern when selling your house. Keep anything of value out of sight. If you have a safe, try and store your items in there or a lockable cabinet.