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plants to stage a home

Do you have plants in your home?

I’m lucky to keep the 2 plants alive in my home! If you do or maybe you were thinking about using a few plants to stage your home, then we need to talk about how to use them for maximum impact.

In this week’s episode, you’ll learn: 

 >> Why you should use plants

 >> The types of plants to use

 >> How many you should have in each room to stage your home

Here’s a glance at the episode:

>> [02:06] Plants add color to a room

>> [02:46] Real vs fake plants, bouquets and porch plant ideas

>> [05:10] Droopy plants like ivy or spider plants and why these don’t help stage your home

>> [06:04] Plants that Kasia recommends you can use to stage your home and are easy to take care of

>> [08:14] Indoor trees you can use to stage a home

>> [08:45] Kasia shares how many plants you should have per room

>> [10:00] Knowing what rooms you should use plants when staging your home is a time saver

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