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Master bedrooms are our sanctuary so when you get tired of the look, you get antsy. However, some homeowners believe it will cost a lot of money just to update the room. But I am here to tell you that you don’t need to spend a fortune on redesigning your master bedroom. With a few simple updates, you can refresh your master bedroom in a few easy steps.

Furniture layout

The first thing you need to consider is if you want to move some furniture around. This is the least expensive thing you can do to redesign your bedroom and make it feel better.

You may not realize, but the layout depends on 1 major factor:

The shape of the room

You may think that size matters but it really doesn’t. Size only comes into the equation when you have too many furniture pieces. Let’s face it, the things you REALLY need in a master bedroom are: bed, nightstands and a dresser/armoire. Everything else is extra (including that TV). Plus, the TV could also go on top of the dresser if you really want one in there.

If you have a square shaped room, you have many more options than a rectangular room. While you may think windows can be a factor on bed placement, you can put a low headboard in front of the window. You can then add curtains to create a wonderful backdrop behind the bed! Sometimes, all it takes is just rearranging the furniture (or removing some pieces) to make the room feel fresh and new. To the left are some examples of layouts you can use for a rectangular shaped room.

Once you move your furniture in its final location, you can move onto the next topic of color.

Wall Color

Changing the wall color is an option to update a master bedroom. If you are tired of grey or beige walls, consider painting just the wall at the head of the bed.This will create a focal point and you can add a splash of color like turquoise blue or black to give it some drama. Believe it or not, there is a science to the color of bedroom walls that helps you sleep better. Do you know which wall color helps you sleep better? You might be surprised. You can read the link here.

If you decide to paint all your walls or just 1 wall, this can run you about $30 per gallon (depending on your paint). You can calculate the amount of paint using this cool site with Benjamin Moore’s calculator.

Color can also be something that is inspired from a piece of artwork or bedding. If you have a favorite piece you want to use in the room, let that be the jump off point for the color in your room. I will talk more about art and bedding in a minute, but you can use one of the colors in those pieces to help you decide on a wall color.


Bedding is another way to add color and change up the look of your master bedroom. You can go with a simple “bed in a bag” from places like Tuesday Morning, Ross or Home Goods. They can run you about $100 for a new set depending on the size of your bed. In the middle picture, I left the green wall color but I bought new bedding to help enhance the room. I remember when I completed this room, the client’s child ran into the room, jumped on the bed and said, “Wow this is a fancy bedroom!” All I did was add new artwork, buy new covers and pillows and set up the room to actually look like a master bedroom. Throw pillows are also a great way to bring in color if you decide to go with white sheets. Blues and greens are a soothing and calming color and a throw pillow can run about $15 per pillow. Use 3 throw pillows along with 2 standard pillows and you have a fantastic looking bed!


Curtains are another great way to bring in some color and change it up a bit. If you have curtain rods, you can easily find curtains in places like Tuesday Morning or Wayfair in all different lengths and colors. I love to be able to find deals at Tuesday Morning because you can get a nice set of curtains for $25! Other places like Bed, Bath & Beyond cost a lot more.

Curtains also help block out the light and if you have wooden floors in your bedroom, it helps deaden the echo sound in the room. Curtains are one of the least expensive items you can use to update the look in your master bedroom. Just be sure to hang them all the way to the floor of your room to help make the room feel taller. I explain how to hang curtains in another blog article here.


Artwork is another way to help you update your bedroom. If you changed the wall color or the colors in your room, artwork can help enhance the look of the room. Now some of you are wary of putting up anything on the walls, but I discuss the different kinds of artwork you can use in your bedroom in this video. While this one talks specifically about staging homes with artwork, you can get some good tips here on how high to hang it and the different types you can use in your bedroom.

I like to use one major piece like canvas art hung over your bed and you can find them at places like Kirkland’s or Hobby Lobby. You can also take a look online at Wayfair for some good deals.

If you aren’t keeping track of all these changes, let me give you the breakdown here.

Furniture rearrangement $0

Wall color  $60

Bedding $100

Throw pillows $40

Curtains $50

Artwork $50

Total $300

Your master bedroom redesign CAN COST LESS if you don’t need to repaint it or you got a “deal” on artwork or bedding. I hope this inspires you to try something new if you want a new look in your master bedroom. But if you still need some decorating direction, contact me for a consultation!