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Home design trends

If you are building or renovating your home and want some design ideas, be aware of home design trends going away in 2022. Trends are just that, they come and go. It’s ok to have these things if you still love them but when it comes time to sell your home later, it may be outdated by then. Let’s get into the home design trends that are going away in 2022 and some may or may not surprise you.

Here’s a glance at this episode:

Your home decorating

 >> [2:34] You are going to decorate your home in so many different ways to make it a home

 >> [4:03] Kasia explains what to do if you love a home design trend that is going away

 >> [4:19] Typical home redesign is every 5-7 years

Some home design trends going away

 >> [4:42] Open concept home design trend

 >> [6:20] Shiplap going away as a home trend

 >> [7:04] All white kitchens have been going away for awhile 

 >> [8:41] Gray interiors were a big deal for years 

 >> [9:40] If you want a different wall color other than gray, try this color instead 

 >> [10:14] Small home offices are an outgoing home design trend 

 >> [12:10] Boho style 

 >> [12:40] Be aware that if you are selling your home in a few years, waterfall kitchen islands are an outdated home design trend

 >> [13:40] Harsh metals

These are just some things to think about if you are building a house, remodeling or updating things.  That way you can keep it classic and not go with home design trends especially if you are selling your home soon.

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