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The Creative Home Podcast | Episode #186

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Updating your home and want to know the latest home decor trend for 2022? I’ve been looking around stores lately and let me share what I observed and how it hooked me into buying it for my home!


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2022 trends you will want to incorporate into your home

by Kasia McDaniel | The Creative Home Podcast

2022 home decor trends you will want to incorporate into your home

I was shopping for Christmas decor this past weekend and finally found a canvas piece of art that I was looking for for months! I have a blank wall that is 5 feet wide with a sofa table against it but I needed something that could fit the wall. I’ve been looking for months to find artwork that wasn’t too small or didn’t require more nails. I finally found this artwork that is 2.5 feet by 2.5 feet that is a picture of white orchid blooms and green leaves. It goes with my monstera (fake plant) in a vase on the table along with other items I have on the table. Which is what brings me to the first 2022 home decor trend that you can easily incorporate into your home.

1| Connect to nature

Nature can be many different things but in my mind it’s introducing green into your home. That is why my new art piece works so well with this 2022 trend. It has elements of green and flowers in it. Some other ways to add green to your home is with some plants like monstera’s, fig trees, or snake plants. I have two snake plants in my kitchen that I LOVE because it doesn’t take much effort on my part. I will forget to water my plants and snake plants are mostly forgiving because I only remember to water them once a week. I also bought an etched vase that has a winter scene on it so again it connects you to nature. Nature has been an ongoing home trend for some time now, not just this year.

2| Multifunctional space and furniture

Another 2022 trend especially with COVID pandemic and it has more people staying at home, are multifunctional rooms and furniture. Things like Murphy beds come to mind when I think multifunctional. Or repurposing things like a big armoire that you may have used for a closet now can be used for a craft center. Maybe you have a dining room and you don’t use it as a dining room, but you need the space to homeschool your kids. That armoire can be used for your home school supplies. So multifunctional spaces and furniture are things that can do double duty. If you watch any youtube videos, there are so many multifunctional pieces that people in places like Tokyo use all the time because of the limited space. Hidden tables or desks behind an armoire. There are so many ways you can convert your space and use it in different ways, whether it’s for an office or homeschooling. Maybe you aren’t using your dining room, but you need a library area. Combine the two functions together into one room. Look at your home not as one room, one purpose, but maybe as multipurpose.

3| Earth colors are a great new home decor trend

Earth colors are those caramel, tan and chocolate browns colors that you can find in leather furniture. If you’ve been eyeing a piece of leather furniture, you can easily incorporate that tan or caramel piece into your home and add textured cream pillows to it. Maybe you have a leather chair in your office and earth colors look great in an office. Maybe you had to transition a room like the dining room into an office. Place that brown chair away from the desk so you have a place to sit and think away from your desk. Maybe your desk is a chocolate brown color and your office chair can be that cream white cushion. You can easily incorporate the browns in almost every room but I can easily see it in the living room, office, dining room etc.

4| Artisan and handmade objects are another home decor trend in 2022

Artisan and handmade items are another 2022 home decor trend that you can add into your home decor. In my home town in Moore County, NC we have a Holly Arts & Crafts Market that shows off handmade items that you can purchase. A lot of people are so creative and you can use these items to help decorate your home. Another great vendor is The MarketplaceNC run by Marisa Sellman. It is a Christian nonprofit organization that sells handmade products by women from places like India and Africa.  You will a lot of handmade artisan items that you can give as gifts or use yourself. They are not the typical mass production items that you see from China. Take a look in your area to find handmade and artisan items to incorporate in your home decor.

5| Antiques are a great accessory for this home decor trend

Antiques are finally getting a little more budget friendly. Maybe a family member gave you a dresser or armoire that is antique. This is a great time to incorporate it in your home in the entryway or dining room.

6| Curves in furniture

Antique furniture with curves are another trend coming into 2022. Anything with curves like the barrel chair that have a rounded back. Front steps with a curve is also a trend you can add to a porch. Curves are a great way to keep the room from feeling too “boxy”.

7| Sustainable and organic materials

Cork flooring or bed sheets made with bamboo are some sustainable products. I’ve talked about bamboo sheets in a previous podcast episode that you can listen to.

8| Cabinets with color are a big home decor trend in 2022

You’ve probably seen a lot of kitchens going away from the all white and going more for the blue cabinets or green cabinet and not white kitchens. If you already have a brand new house with all white cabinets, that’s fine. I have a white kitchen and I love it. But what I did to add color in there was to have different countertops. My huge kitchen island is a granite piece with browns, cream and gray in it. It is the centerpiece of the kitchen while the perimeter is made of gray quartz to complement it. Yes I have both granite and quartz and it’s ok to mix them. If you are looking to update your kitchen because you just moved in, go ahead and try it. If you are moving out, then I would not go and change it to follow this home decor trend.

9| European influences

You may see more Mediterranean influences in a home like the bright blue waters you would see in the Mediterranean Sea. You might see plaster type walls fused with palm fronds as decor. If your home is more farmhouse or contemporary this trend may not go with your home, but the traditional type home or colonial style homes can easily use this home decor trend.

So those are just a few examples of the 2022 home decor trends that are coming your way. Pick and choose which ones work best in your home and have fun playing with it!