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Tips on how to stage a child’s bedroomstaging a child's bedroom

A child’s bedroom seems to attract the “messy bug” 30 seconds after you cleaned it up. When it comes time to sell your home, it is even harder to keep it clean when you have to keep the home show ready. Keep in mind that how you showcase your home to sell is different than how you normally live. But how do you know what to do? Here are some questions to think about when staging a child’s bedroom.

  1. Is the wall a neutral color or does it scream, “a princess lives here”?

If it’s a bright pink color, paint it beige, yellow or gray to appeal to both genders. You can still make it look like a girl’s room by adding pink things such as bedding, area rug, or lampshades.

  1. What are the maximum pieces of furniture you should have in a bedroom?

Three to four pieces: a bed, nightstand, light fixture and maybe a dresser. Most rooms aren’t big enough to store a desk, chair, computer, TV and armoire so remove them from the space.

  1. Is there a focal point when you come into the room?

The bed should be the first thing you see when you come into the room. Find bedding to coordinate and compliment the curtains in the room. The bed should also be made like you would find in a hotel room.

  1. Can I keep toys and other items in the bedroom?

Sports trophies, stuffed animals, dollhouses, lego sets and pictures of your child growing up should be removed. They only add to the clutter and you want to show how much room there really is in there. Let them pick a few items they cannot live without and store them in a box with a lid. If you really are moving soon, chances are the kids won’t play with the big toys anyway so you can pack them away and put them in an offsite storage area. Besides, what a wonderful reunion it will be when they find their “old toys” at the other end of the move!

  1. What about the mural I have painted on the wall?

Most murals have to be painted over at some point mainly because the kids actually outgrow it after a few years. You can still have the jungle feel by hanging some wall art such as giraffes, zebras or leaves in the room. Accessories can be easily moved when you sell your home and take it with you. Murals on the other hand cannot.

Think of it this way. The less stuff you have in your child’s bedroom, the less you have to pick up and put away before a realtor brings in the next potential buyer.child rocking chair