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Moving Day Tips

Moving Day is probably the hardest and most stressful part of moving. I know because I personally moved 7 times in my lifetime and mostly as an adult. You learn a few tricks of the trade when you do it often enough. Here are some tried and true secrets to making this as smooth a transition as possible.Moving day

  1. Packing may take a day or more. Make sure your bedding and bath towels are the last things you pack up the morning of moving day. Have the packers leave any empty box for you to stash these items and pack it up yourself if needed.
  2. Pack up all the things you will take yourself and stash it in your vehicle(s) before the moving truck arrives. This avoids the question of, “Where did I put that item?” and realize the packers already packed it up in one of the hundreds of boxes.
  3. If you have a moving company moving you, have a friend or spouse be there at the home with you. It always helps to have another set of eyes and ears when questions come up.
  4. If you have children or pets, please make other plans for them on Moving Day. Have the kids go to friends’ house, daycare or stay with relatives and the same thing goes for pets. You don’t want the kids or pets getting under your feet when you are trying to get big pieces of furniture out of the house.
  5. Lunch –make sure you eat and have some drinks in the fridge. I normally also feed the moving crew with some sandwiches or pizza so they are fed and happy. Happy bellies means happy movers.
  6. Once everything is cleared out, have a cleaning crew come in and do one last clean up. You will probably be too tired to do any cleaning after moving out anyway. Plus you won’t have any of the supplies to do the cleaning since they will be all packed up such as a vacuum cleaner, cleaning products etc.

If you prepared for your move, moving day should be a breeze. Moving can be a stressful time so try and make it a bit easier on yourself.