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home for saleIf you are getting ready to list your home for sale, you probably have a mile long checklist of all the things you need to do. This can be very intimidating but not if you take the list in chunks a few days at a time. Set aside an hour each night to get just one thing done otherwise you will put it off until the end.

Some tasks will take longer than an hour and you can save those tasks for the weekend. Doing these 3 tasks over the weekend will help you get into the mindset of getting your home ready for sale and not overwhelm you.

1. Remove all personal photos, diplomas, and religious articles

Take a look around the house and remove the family photos on the fridge, mantel, sofa table, or hallways. As buyers start walking through your home, they want to envision themselves in the home not look at the hundreds of strange kids photos on the refrigerator.

Not everyone will have the same religious faith as you and all the crosses hanging around the home will make them feel uneasy. Take them down and pack them up. it is all part of the clutter that you don’t need in a home. Remember we are trying to neutralize the home so that it appeals to the most buyers.

2. Remove and pack up about 1/2 of your kitchen cabinets

Everyone wants to have lots of storage and buyers will open up cabinets to see how much storage space you really have. Don’t give them the perception that you can’t fit everything. Besides you will be moving soon anyway, and all those turkey roaster pans, cake molds and candy making items won’t be needed in next month or so, right? Pack them away now to remove the clutter.

3. Decide what you won’t keep in the pantry and donate it

Chances are your pantry will be getting low if you need to move soon. However, those canned goods tend to get very heavy when packing them up. Donate them to a local charity who collects food for the homeless. Our Daily Bread in Fairfax, VA is a great charity in this local area and I’m sure there are many more. Just check to make sure the food has not expired. This is another great way to prepare your home for sale without taking up too much time.

Have a vacant home and it’s still on the market? Check these items to make sure it is still looking its best.

1. Wash the windows

Windows can get dusty after recent storms and if they have screens, it will trap that dirt too. You want your home looking its best and natural light helps make the room feel bigger and brighter. Dirty windows block that light from coming in. Not all house cleaning services wash windows so you either have to ask for it to be done or do it yourself.

2. Sweep the foyer and hose down the porch and/or deck

If you have home buyers coming through, they can track in all kinds of mud depending on the weather outside. Just debris in the entryway is enough to distract buyers. When you put up your home for sale, you want to make sure the first impression is the best impression.

Check the deck for any stray leaves or branches that may have blown down. If you already power washed your deck, a quick rinse is all you may need to make it look good again.

3. Dust for cobwebs

If you home has been on the market for some time now, there are bound to be some cobwebs. Check the light fixtures such as the chandelier in the dining room or the bathroom fixtures. These are easily seen when the lights are turned on. You don’t want to give the impression that the homeowner is not interested in keeping the home in tiptop shape. Buyers will wonder, what else has the homeowner not decided to maintain?

Getting your home ready to sell is a huge task but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Do it in bits and pieces starting with just these 3 things over a weekend. It will give you a sense of accomplishment and will motivate you to keep on going. This is all part of staging your home to sell it faster. These tasks don’t take long and will help you prepare your home for sale.