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Need to hire a home stager?

Homeowners are starting to learn they need to stage their homes if they want to get it sold quickly. But how do you find a home stager? There are a number of ways to find one. You just have to know where to look.

Google “home stager”Kasia McDaniel home stager Blue Diamond Staging

Do a search online for a home stager. The top home stagers will have a website and contact information. If you search on home stager and your state i.e. home stager Virginia, you will get a broad range. Narrow it by city to find a local home stager. You will want to find one who knows your area or is familiar with it to know how to best stage the home.

Home Stager Directory

There are a number if online directories who list home stagers and the locations they serve. Sites such as Staging Diva or Local Home Staging are just a few examples. The directory may show more company details, what they specialize or link you to their website.

Ask a real estate agent

Some real estate agents either have a home stager already on their team or they know of one. If you visit the real estate agent website, sometimes they have a link to the home stager or maybe even have some videos or blog about home staging on their website. You don’t have to go through a real estate agent to find a home stager though.

Go to Open Houses

If you notice how well the homes shows with furniture, ask the real estate agent if it was staged. Some home stagers will leave their information at the home for future clients while others may not. The best staging is the kind where you can’t tell the home is staged. This means they have done a good job showing the best features of the home where the buyer falls in love with it and can envision themselves living there.

Model homes

If you have new home builders in your area and they have model homes to visit, ask the sales associate who they used to set up the furniture. A lot of times these are local home stagers. Sometimes, the company may go through a furniture rental company who has decorators on staff. These are also a good source to use when you need help preparing your home to sell.