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Are you ready to sell your home?

As you prepare your home for the market, you need to do a little work before your open house. Here are some quick tips to keep in mind when preparing your home to sell.

1. Curb appeal – First impressions are everything. Buyers may not be willing to come inside your home if the front yard is in shambles. Replace (or remove) the screen door if it has holes in it. Place colorful potted plants near the front door and remember to water them. Trim those hedges, find a hose reel to hide the hose and maybe place a bench or chair nearby to make it a warm and inviting place to sit.

2. Everything needs to be spotless and in home to sellworking condition – Give your home a thorough cleaning. Hire a cleaning crew to make that stove or refrigerator shine. Replace those burnt out light bulbs. Dust out the garage and basement because those count as part of your property as well. Repaint any walls that can’t be cleaned off with some elbow grease and a sponge.

3. De-clutter – Remove any out of season clothing, large toys or household items that fill up the room. Many buyers get distracted with clutter and can’t see past it to envision their furniture. Clutter is things like a collection of plates, wall décor, paperwork, stacks of books etc. If you need them around, put them neatly away into bins or other baskets, otherwise, pack them up or donate them. One of the best ways to remove clutter is to start in one room and just remove everything that does not belong. Pull it out into the hallway if you need to. This gives you a clean slate to work with and help you decide what needs to go in that can come from another room.

4. Depersonalize – Remove any personal photos, those lovely hand drawn pictures your kids made or graduation certificates. Buyers don’t need to know who lives there. If you distract them with a religious artifact or that large moose head on the wall (nothing against moose) buyers will be turned off.

5. Check out the competition – Visit other houses in your same market and see how they stack up to your home. If you notice they have crumbling stairs or dirty bathrooms, chances are buyers will too. If you have the same thing, buyers will run away and look for other homes ready to move in. You want your home to stand out (but in a good way)!

If you find yourself overwhelmed with the thought of moving and do not know where to begin, a home staging consultation can provide the guidance you need to prepare your home to sell.