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As a homeowner, moving can be quite a stressful event. And when it comes to selling their homes, a homeowner might do some home staging on their own to get it ready. However, when home staging is done correctly, a buyer should not be able to tell the home was staged. It should look like someone could live there and be comfortable with their surroundings. It should also not look like a museum where nothing should be touched. Sometimes, homeowners can go overboard and do things that you normally don’t see in every day life. Below are some examples of what I see as a home stager that give away the fact that the homeowner is trying too hard.

Set the tablehome staging

In a normal every day life, is your dining room set with all the fine china and glasses? I really doubt it. Yes you want to show that you can entertain 8-10 guests at the table but this is just too much. A dining table should show how large a table it can comfortably fit. If the chandelier is dated, then consider replacing it. You want to show off the bling in the lighting fixture not the chinaware because that is what ultimately stays with the home. As a homeowner, please refrain from setting the table.

Tray on the bed

In Debra Gould’s article, placing trays on a bed is one of her pet peeves and I couldn’t agree more. Make your bed and invest in some nice bed sheets or comforter. Then you can take the sheets with you when you move into your new home! Add some throw pillows for a splash of color and make sure your nightstands are free of clutter. A master bedroom should be a retreat and this can easily be achieved by removing extra items that do not belong in the bedroom. A tray is just another thing you have to remember to put on there every time you leave the home.

Tie ribbons around towels

This is another trick I do not understand why a homeowner would do. You use towels every day so the ribbon would get in the way. Most of the time I see ratty old towels hanging up. A homeowner can easily update their bathroom by investing in some new towels. Think of it as a way to get ready for your new home. Buy the new soft towels and use them in your new home. Hang them up nicely but dump the ribbon.

Bake cookies

Finally the temptation to bake cookies is another thing a homeowner does to make the home feel, well… “homey”.  Baking cookies could become disastrous if you don’t pay attention. Again, we are not trying to trick the buyers and they are onto you if they smell it.  If you want to have cookies, then leave a plate of them out for the buyers with a note. Otherwise, forego this staging trick.

Bottom line, the home should look neat and comfortable for a buyer to imagine themselves living in there. Don’t use staging tricks like these. They watch HGTV too you know.