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The Creative Home Podcast | Episode #201

If you are getting your house ready to sell  and you are wondering where you need to focus, I have a pre-recorded webinar for you. It’s called the “4 most important rooms to stage” and in it I bust some staging myths, the 4 most important rooms to stage and what you can do to get it ready.Check out my free pre-recorded webinar, 4 most important rooms to stage, and get your house ready today!

When selling my house in Virginia, I had a strange request from the buyer. They wanted to buy the curtains of my house and wondered if I would sell them. I had never been asked that question before but after talking to my realtor, I figured out a way to do this and make some cash on the side. Listen to what I did when negotiating the sale of my home in this week’s episode.


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Negotiate these home decor items separate from home sale price

by Kasia McDaniel | The Creative Home Podcast

Negotiate these home decor items separate from home sale price

Moving is a big change. And if you are focusing on selling your home soon because it is March and spring selling season is upon us, I know you are trying to get things done. I know we are moving this summer back to NC and I am already thinking about what needs to be done and work backwards from the July timeframe. There are certain home decor items that I will be selling before we head back.

Sometimes buyers will like your decorating style and will want to keep some things. If you stage a house, those items are not usually sold with the house but as a buyer you can always ask to buy them. Speaking of staging, if you need help deciding which rooms to stage first, I have a new free pre-recorded webinar called, 4 most important rooms to stage. In this webinar, I bust some staging myths, explain which 4 rooms are the most important to stage and what you can do.

But once your house is staged, and you are ready to show it to buyers, there are certain things that I would negotiate as a separate sale and not part of the price of the home. That way, you get some cash in hand for things that you could use in your new home.

Like I mentioned in the beginning, the buyers wanted to buy my curtains because they didn’t want to have to go find them later. We were moving into a rental home so I didn’t know how many windows I would have in the next house anyway, so I agreed to sell certain ones in the house. I kept the kids’ bedroom curtains because it went with their bedding colors but sold the ones in the dining room, living room, basement rec room and some other living spaces. What I did though was negotiate a price SEPARATE from the house price. I basically added up the cost for the curtains (with a small discount) and gave the buyer a number. Their realtor actually bought the curtains as a “welcome home” gift and cut me a check for the curtains. Now I had money to go buy curtains for the next house if I wanted to!

You may be approached to sell some other things in your house if the buyers are so bold. Here are a few things that may come up that you should consider selling separately:

1| Furniture

Unique sofas, shoe cabinets or mudroom cabinets that are moveable can be sold separately from the home sale price. Furniture can be considered home decor and usually dont’ convey with the house. Home decor items like movie chairs, pool table etc  are some other examples where you can negotiate a price with the buyer if they want it to stay. Some pieces may not fit in your new home or are more custom for the space. This is a great way to get rid of your stuff without having to move it.

2| Artwork

There may be a statement piece that works just over the fireplace or on a large wall. Consider selling this separately so you can then find another piece to use in your new home or maybe you are downsizing and aren’t going to have the room. Large home decor like artwork is a great way to show how it can be used in the room.

3| Home decor accessories

Home decor accessories such as pillows, throws and rugs might be something buyers love and want to keep. This is another negotiation you can handle separately. Otherwise, you won’t see the money from it with the sale price of the home.

4| Pool items or outdoor home decor items

If you have a pool, then items such as the pool vaccuum or BBQ might be items the new home owner wants to keep. Think about negotiating the price for these items and possibly even your outdoor patio set. Don’t assume it should convey with the house, especially if you don’t have room for it at your next place.

Home decor items that you want to take with you

However, there are a few things that you might want to take with you to your next house. If that is the case, I would remove them before you even take pictures of your home for your listing. Most things convey with the house unless you specify like the fridge or washer and dryer even window blinds. Curtain rods normally stay behind but ask if you are a buyer. But there may be other things you can take with you such as light fixtures on the ceiling like a chandelier or mirrors.

I had one bid where the buyers wanted to make sure the mirrors in the bathroom stayed with the house. It was not anything I ever thought to remove but I guess it does happen. If you have a favorite piece of light fixture or mirror, change them out before buyers even see them. That way, you both know what conveys with the house.

It’s surprising to me how many things people see in the house and then realize they convey with the house or they don’t. Some home decor items that you may want to negotiate separately from the sale of your home are things like furniture, artwork, home decor like curtains, or pillows. Be open to selling items that you simply do not need or can’t fit in the new place, but negotiate the price so that you get some cash in hand. 


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