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lakeview front doorShut the front door

The front door comes in so many options. Color, size, window, no window etc. It can also make or break an entrance. Your budget will dictate whether it is a fiberglass, wood or steel door. However, if you are thinking about replacing your front door, you will want to consider a few other things such as privacy, style, statement, and color.


Start with windows. Do you want a window in the door or side lights? If you have a window, should it be a full window, half window or maybe just the top third? Consider which direction your home faces. If the door faces west, you might want to consider how much light will come into the space. If you need more light in your entrance foyer, consider a door with half a window, but perhaps make it opaque so you can’t see directly into the house.


A Craftsman style home will typically have a window on the upper part of the door. A traditional home may have stained wooden doors. Others may have a double door if the space allows for it. You can stay with the style to be consistent with the home but perhaps give it a punch of color.

Statementcarthage front door

If you want to make a statement, a fancier door with arches or metal work is a possibility. When you have scrollwork, you don’t want to detract from the details. In this case, I would stain the front door a nice warm brown color as pictured here so as not to take away from the design and arches. When staining a door, try the stain on the same type of wood before applying it to the actual door. This way, you know what to expect before it goes on the door. This particular door was made of mahogany and stained in Minwax’s Special Walnut.


If you can’t afford a fancy door or it doesn’t warrant it, painting it is another great option. However, check with your Homeowners Association (HOA) before painting your front door. They may have restrictions on how many homes have a red front door in your area. If there isn’t an HOA, then you can pick any color. However, use the outside color of the home to complement the front door color. For example if you have a red brick house, a medium gray colored door in Mindful Gray from Sherwin Williams would complement the home exterior. One homeowner had a cream colored house and I suggested she paint the front door in Tate Olive by Benjamin Moore. I later found out that she actually loved sage green and received many complements on it from friends and family. Not many people paint their front door green and it was a refreshing color to use in this instance. Just picking the door material is one decision. Think about how you want to show off your style and the home by considering windows, home style, making a statement or adding color. If all this feels overwhelming, give me a call. A front door sets the tone for the whole home by greeting your guests.

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