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Spring decor can be fun to bring out and my favorite way to decorate is with a spring tablescape. Mainly because it doesn’t take too much effort and you can use things that are around the house already. Some years I find some little treasures to add around the house, but I try to keep them simple and change out the spring tablescape whenever I can. Let me share some ideas on how you can create a simple Spring tablescape for your dining area.

What is a tablescape?

Here in Germany, there are things called Fruhlingsfest or a Spring Festival where Easter eggs are on display as well as other spring type decor. Little bunnies, ducks and all sorts of pastel colored trinkets can be used as spring decor. I particularly like to use them for tablescape decor. But before we get into that, let me first explain what is a tablescape. A tablescape are decorations you use to decorate a dining table. It includes a centerpiece and then plates, napkins, and silverware. You may have seen some elaborate tablescapes on Pinterest that make it look like a beautiful feast! And for Easter, this is a great time to celebrate and decorate your own table. There are a few things to consider when it comes time to decorate your spring tablescape. If you are interested in creating your own, let’s discuss the parts you need such as the table cloth, centerpiece, dishware and napkins.

Spring table cloth, placemats or runner

Before you even set the table, you need to think about whether you are going to use a tablecloth, placemats or a runner in the center of the table. You might have a pink tablecloth to cover the whole table. Or perhaps you found some nice round, green placemats. You can layer both as long as the colors don’t blend in too much. You can use pastel colors or any other cheerful spring colors you wish to start your spring tablescape. If you want to use a runner, think about the color so that the centerpiece doesn’t blend in too much with the background of the runner i.e. a white runner and then a white ceramic plate. You can mix placemat colors as well especially if you don’t have enough of the same color. Just like easter eggs dot the landscape when kids find them in the grass, you can think of your spring tablescape in much the same way.

Spring tablescape centerpiece

Once you have the background of your tablecloth, runner or placemats, think about what you can do for a centerpiece. This can be something as simple as a bouquet of flowers depending on the size of your table. I think the centerpiece is my most favorite part of decorating a spring tablescape because there are so many different options. I will use a cake platter or a basket or sometimes a long tray to corral a bunch of spring decor into one area. Even a multi tired tray will do as well to create your theme. In each tray or basket, you can arrange ducks, bunnies or eggs along with candles.

You can also add greenery like eucalyptus leaves along the length of the table or in your tray/platter. I like to add small candles or even tall taper candles that give some height to the tablescape. Think of things in 3s in varying sizes such as a tall pillar candle, a bunny statue and a flower and arrange them in a tray. Lanterns are also a good spring decor to add as a centerpiece especially if they are in your desired color. Layer decor items on the table and see what works. Like I said this is supposed to be fun and not something you dread. If a centerpiece is not something you want to play around with, a simple bouquet of spring flowers like lilacs, tulips or hyacinths will work too. If you have kids, random chocolate Easter eggs or colored Easter eggs might also be a hit.

Spring tablescape dishware

Spring dishes can be a fun way to add color and interest to a spring tablescape. I only have white plates, but if you have some small green plates for the appetizer or bowls for a soup, this is the time to bring them out. I normally use real plates but I know some may have young kids so plastic plates can be so colorful too. You can even mismatch the plates much like a tea party for your set up. It’s really up to you on how much fun you have and how many plates you have to work with. If you do use white plates on a white tablecloth, add some color in the napkins.

Spring napkins

Which brings me to the final part of creating your spring tablescape…the napkins. When growing up, every major holiday required a table setting and I, as the oldest, was in charge of it. Back then we didn’t have you tube videos on how to fold napkins in such fun ways like a bunny or a duck. My mom had books on napkin folding. So I would go through the book and her real cloth napkins to coordinate the colors with the plates for the spring tablescape. Personally I don’t have too many cloth napkins because they can be such a pain to clean. I like to find the fun and colorful paper ones that come out during the spring season and use those. My girls then watch a few videos (yes I delegated the table setting to them) and come up with their versions of napkin folding. If you have guests coming over, you can create little guest cards so they know where to sit. The napkins can go on the plate or off to the side of the plate with the silverware.

spring tablescape napkins

Spring colored glasses

I almost forgot the spring glasses. You can use regular clear juice glasses or have various colored teacups. I feel like the Mad hatter with teacups everywhere, but if that is your theme, why not? Have fun enjoying spring and the beautiful colors you can bring into your home. 

In the picture to the left, they ave beautiful teal glasses that you may have set aside for summer, but can bring them out now for Spring too. No use in hiding these beauties when you can show them off now, right?

I hope this gives you some inspiration as to how to decorate your dining area with a spring tablescape. Start with the base layer before you set plates, add a spring themed centerpiece, the plates, napkins and glasses and you will have yourself a spring inspired tablescape. What will my spring tablescape look like? it really depends on what my kids decide. Our spring tablescape may not look professional but I know my kids have a fun time decorating the table to make it look nice for our Easter feast. Have a great week and Happy Easter!