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Teenagers can be a moody bunch. I know because I have a few myself! But when it comes to their bedroom, I can hear the moms and dads eyes rolling now. They can be a helter skelter mess. Some parents would love to help them get their room under control and just sweep everything up and start over. If your teenager is willing to work with you, they may want to make their bedroom more of “their own”. Which brings me to themes. in this episode, let’s talk about some ideas to help you create a theme to organize a teenage boy’s bedroom a bit better.

Movie themed bedroom

Movie posters are a great way to decorate a bedroom. If their favorite movie is Marvel or Star Wars, you can use these to jumpstart your teenage bedroom theme. No need to make the sheets match but you can use the colors in the posters for the curtains or bedding. If they love Iron Man, then use the maroon, gold and black colors in the bedroom. Bobble heads or figures from those movies are a great accessory to add around the room on some floating shelves or bookshelves.

Comic book themed bedroom

If your teenager loves comic books, you can use them to display them around the room. I had a client who collected thousands of comic books and he really wanted to show them off but still be able to read them. I found some neat ways to display them that you can see in the pictures. You can frame the ones you really want to show off or use a magazine tower to be able to read them. You can even mount them in acrylic holders and display them on shelves around the bedroom.

Gamer themed bedroom

Video games are sometimes a teenager’s life and that is the case here, you can use that to help you decorate and update your teenage bedroom. Gamers like darker rooms so using room darkening curtains are ok here. No need to get the walls painted black but a gray color would be fine and then use darker colored bedding.

Use stickers that show off their game paddles or joysticks or whatever they use to play their video games. Even getting one of those old school Pac-Man games you find at Costco or pulling out your old Nintendo set is a great accessory to put on a shelf.


If your teenager is into sports, then use that to help you update their bedroom. If they are into football, soccer, baseball, basketball, there are so many options! Use items from that sport to decorate the walls with an old baseball bat, maybe a catchers mitt or a signed basketball from a coach or team.

Use sports posters to decorate their walls or their favorite team. Banners are a great way to add color and then use that color to accessorize for the bedding and curtains.

You can find a lot of these themed items in places like Hobby Lobby or Michaels. They are also a great resource when it comes to staging your home.


If your kids are into adventure like hiking or rock climbing, then you can incorporate those themes as well. Maybe they have a favorite climbing place like Sedona, Arizona. Or maybe they want to hike the Himalayas. Get photos or posters and use that as artwork in their bedroom. Paint the walls a shade of green and then use gray or black as accents. Maybe they have traveled places and want to display their momentos. Use those items on their nightstand or dresser.


Teenagers who love Engineering/Architecture

If your teenager is into engineering like Legos, or building structures, then that might be a theme you can incorporate into their bedroom. It can be easily done with posters of their favorite architecture like the Eiffel Tower or the Opera House in Sydney.

Their bedding can be more masculine with dark blue and light blues. The walls can be a gray color or white and the curtains can be accents in blues, gray or black.

if they have some sculptures they created in their STEM class or clubs, use those to help decorate the shelves or on a dresser. Lamps don’t have to be themed but can compliment the wall colors and be light colored lamp shades. If they have a ceiling fan, stickers are always fun there too.

History/ WWII buff

Some teenagers love history and want to show off some maps of old battlefields. This is a great way to add some interest to your walls with maps. They can be colorful, show the strategics used to go from one battle to the next. Use neutral bedding here and neutral wall colors like white or beige and then bring in colors from the maps.

If they have statues or helmets they collected, those are great pieces to show off on a shelf. My husband has some old World War II ammunition he collected while overseas. If your history buff loves to visit sites, use pictures from that trip to help emphasize that memory. Did they go to Normandy? Did they visit Pearl Harbor? Maybe they visited Civil War sites in the US. Any of these places can help you decorate your teenagers room and make it their own.



If you have a budding scientist, then don’t be afraid to use that for their bedroom decor. Beakers make excellent “jars” to collect favorite rocks. Posters of their favorite scientist like Albert Einstein or Isaac Newton can be hung up. Even math equations on a white board can be a fun addition to the room.

Or if NASA is more their thing, then a mural of the moon or the Black Hole can be a feature in their room. Constellations from previous art projects could be fun or space rockets can be placed on a dresser or nightstand. Use navy blue bedding or hang curtains with gray flecks. If they collect mugs then they can hang on the wall or set up on a floating shelf.

The rest of the room can be neutral colors while the posters, can bring in the color as shown in the picture. You can find this canvas on Amazon here if you are interested.


Hopefully these themes have given you some inspiration on updating a teenager’s room. There are so many options, you just have to narrow it down.

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