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The weather is warming up and people are ready to head outdoors for some picnics. Now that mask mandates are being lifted and people are getting vaccinated, everyone is ready to see their friends and family again. Picnics are a great way to do this and I want to share some ways on how to add fun to your outdoor picnic party with these simple solutions.

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by Kasia McDaniel | 6 ways to add fun to your outdoor picnic party

Outdoor platters

I love summer because it brings out the colors of summer. And what better way to do that than by using colorful melamine outdoor platters? If you are hosting the party at your home, you can use these non-breakable dishes for platters of watermelon, chips and hotdogs. Or if you are renting a gazebo by the lake, these bug covers are a great way to keep the bugs out of your food.

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Music is ia great way to entertain people on a picnic. A wireless bluetooth speaker is a great way to play your playlist at the beach, lake or even in your backyard. There are so many different options for your home or for on-the-go.


If you are going to entertain guests, you are going to need some extra seating. Kids love sitting on blankets so don’t be afraid to have a few of those set up around the pool or deck, especially if you can put one under a tree. Benches and chairs can be scattered around the deck along with tables so you can sit and enjoy the food you brought along for the picnic.


If you are going to have a picnic, you are going to need some shade. If you are at a park or lake, bring your own sunshade or tent so you can get away from the harsh sun. If you have a pool, open up some umbrellas and pull out the sun shade so your guests can stay cool. A pergola or pop-up tent is also a great way to add some instant shade.

Outdoor lighting

While the sun may be up a little longer now, you can still have some fun with lights. I love to hang white Christmas lights along a fence if I don’t have these fancy light sets. But you can also buy these colorful sets to let the picnic go on into the night.


Outdoor games for the kids (and adults) will make the picnic even better. Bring a set of badminton rackets, a soccer ball to kick around or even water guns/balloons if it’s going to be a hot day. Games always makes the time fly by especially when you are out with family or friends. Other game ideas include a ring toss, bocci or bring your cornhole (aka bean bag toss) set. 

I hope you get to enjoy spending time out again with family and friends. Picnics are a fun way to get together but I know some of us out of practice doing this after COVID. And some of you have moved into new houses and want to show off the new space and host a party. But if you need help getting your house set up, let me know so I can help you decorate it with a decorating consultation.