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A free LIVE webinar with Kasia McDaniel



Discover how to go from not knowing where to begin to sell your home to having buyers fall in love with your home.

If you’ve always been curious about how staging can help you sell your home faster and what you should do right now, then don’t miss this live event.




During this live training, you will learn:




#1. What is home staging and home staging facts. 

You’ll discover what exactly is home staging and what it isn’t. Plus I share home staging facts to help you see how it can help you.

#2. Five low cost ways to prepare your home now for the spring real estate market and how you can make those changes yourself.

#3. Examples of before and after pictures. Because photos are worth a thousand words and your photos need to stand out to get buyers to come in.

If any of these are true for you, you can’t afford to miss this live training:

  • You’re motivated to get your house sold quickly

  • You dream of getting out from under your mortgage

  • You don’t want to have endless showings

When you get your house “show ready”, you can quickly sell your home and eliminate the stress of keeping it clean for endless showings.

If you attend live, I have a free gift for you: How to Live in a Staged Home.

This bonus ebook includes practical advice that I used when staging my homes and living in them while on the real estate market.

PLUS, I will give you the last 5 areas you need to focus on to get your home ready.


It’s only available when you show up live to this webinar, so reserve your spot now to secure this bonus.

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