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Getting to know Kasia McDaniel

It’s hard to get to know people until you meet them in person. And even then you wonder what makes them tick. Well here are a few fun facts about me, Kasia McDaniel, that you may or may not know already. Some may surprise you and some things we may share in common.

1. I love the sound of crashing waves

2. Love to garden

3. Don’t really have a good green thumb so I pick self sustaining plants 🙂

4. Favorite dessert is ice cream

5. Love to decorate for Halloween


6. My front yard is transformed into a cemetery and more for Halloween

7. I still use a paper calendar so I can see all my appointments

8. I love my iphone and all that it can do

9. Machu Pichu and the Pyramids are on my bucket list.

10. Never had a pet growing up

11. I have never tried peanut butter and jelly sandwiches even though I make it for my kids’ lunches

12. I am a morning person

13. I don’t drink coffee and prefer tea or hot cocoa

14. I didn’t start loving my curly hair until I got it cut by my current hairdresser, Mona, at Lofty

15. Love to make photo albums using Shutterfly

16. I have to hold my nose when I swim underwater

17. Worked at KayBee Toy Store when I was in high school

18. Love to visit Disney World and wish I could go every year

19. I have never been on a cruise

20. I traveled all over Europe and the United States

21. I would love to visit Vermont and Maine when the leaves turn color because I have never been there

22. My favorite season is Fall

23. I love to go camping and sit and relax by the fire

24. I am as blind as a bat without my contacts

25. English is my second language and I knew 5 English words when I started Kindergarten

26. I deployed to Iraq and Saudi Arabia when I was in the military

27. I love gyros

28. I’ve been to Poland 3 times to visit family

29. I am the oldest of 4 siblings

30. I used to sing in the church choir

31. I thought I would grow up to be a doctor

32. I didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up until I was 38 and I now know it’s home staging

33. I am very detail oriented

34. I question the status quo

35. I see myself as an introvert but others will disagree

36. I love to watch movies

37. I can’t watch scary movies yet I love decorating for Halloween (I know, don’t ask)

38. I love living in a place where I can see all 4 seasons

39. I am addicted to changing furniture around in my house every few months

40. I never imagined I would own my own company and I love helping others get their homes ready for sale

So do we share any common fun facts? Let me know!