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industrial pendant Bring industrial decor pieces into your home

Notice a new trend entering your latest trip to the home décor store? You may have seen more metal mixed in with the wood furniture or saw some different looking light bulbs. Those are part of what is called the Industrial style and is a newer trend that people are looking for in suburban homes. Maybe you bought a home and want to update it with this style but don’t know where to begin. It really is just a matter of pulling a few things together and repeating the pattern. Let me show you what I mean.

Open concept homes are a perfect way to bring in the industrial style into your home, mainly because it started in the urban area of a city. Those apartments had lofts with brick walls and an open space. In order to make the space feel warmer, they used color, furniture, lighting and accessories that fit the area but was still functional.


When it comes to colors, most industrial pieces tend to be dark. Think factory work. It was always dusty and dirty work and those are the colors to work with. Red brick walls, black, brown or gray are a good place to start. You don’t have to have a brick wall in your home to create this space. You can still have cream colored walls and add furniture and accessories in darker colors to get the same look.


industrial media standWhen it comes to industrial style furniture, you can add small pieces to your existing furniture. Using metal and wood mixed together in a piece such as a side table, coffee table or stool, you can achieve the industrial look. If you see things with barn doors, those tend to fall into the “farmhouse” style but it still works well with the industrial look. Use anything that can be upcycled like an old metal desk that looks distressed and put it in your office. It pairs well with dark leather chairs too. Since this type of furniture tends to be dark, use lighting to help enhance the look as well.

Industrial decor lighting

When it comes to lighting, nothing screams industrial like Edison light bulbs. orb chandelierThese lights not only look great, they seem to create a cult-like following. People seem to be drawn to these bulbs because it looks different. It captures the eye and yet it seems so simple. Glass shades are part of this style too and come in seeded glass or other options. Some light fixtures may have a galvanized can on top to make it look rough or is made out of actual metal pipes. Round metal chandeliers are also a great way to bring the look into your home. Whichever you chose, you will achieve the industrial look.


Metal pieces are a great way to add some color and interest in a room. Large wall clocks over a fireplace, distressed wood or metal pieces on the coffee table in your favorite color such as turquoise or red help complete the look. Anything galvanized like a sofa table or bookshelf is another great way to bring in the industrial look.

If you are on the lookout to update your home décor with an industrial look, bringing in just a few pieces to your existing furniture can compliment your new style. Switch out some side tables with wood and metal pieces, hang a glass light fixture and add some distressed pieces and you are on your way. Repeat this as needed. But if you find you get distracted in the sea of metal and wood, give me a call to help you navigate the industrial waters.