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Staging Snapshot







Need staging advice for just one room? Then the Staging Snapshot is for you! Send one picture of the room and get staging advice within 24 hours.

Total Home Staging


Need staging advice for your whole home? This service is all online and we walk through all the rooms. Most meetings take 2 hours or less. We use things you own to stage your home.

Interior Decorating

Decorate your new home or update a room using your furniture or let us suggest new options. New colors and furniture layout are considered to reflect your style and make it your own. We also decorate offices and can help you set up your new office before you move in!


Building a new home or remodeling is exciting, but picking out finishes can be daunting! Let Blue Diamond Staging & Design help you make those important decision to pick out flooring, wall colors, fixtures, doors, cabinets, counter tops, tile and more.

Free Downloads

30 Easy Tips Checklist

If you are struggling with where to start to get your house ready to sell, this checklist will get you moving.

This is the same checklist Kasia uses for her own homes when it comes time to sell.

In it, you will find interior and exterior tips and helps you focus on what REALLY matters in getting your house sold faster!

Home Staging: The 6 Ws - Is it Worth It?

This free pre-recorded webinar is perfect for homeowners who have heard of home staging but have never staged their homes.

 Kasia McDaniel covers the 6 W’s:

  • What is home staging?
  • Who benefits?
  • Why stage your home?
  • When should you stage your home?
  • Does it work?
  • Which rooms do I stage?

Digital Products

Square Living Room Layouts
Square Living Room Layouts
This ebook contains layouts for square-shaped living room which are the easiest and most diverse type of room. Learn how to stage your living room with these easy to follow diagrams.

Square-Shaped Living Room Layouts


Can’t figure out the best way to layout your living room furniture? Do you have an awkward fireplace in the corner or an square-shaped room that you aren’t sure the best way to arrange your furniture?

Make sure to measure your room to ensure you truly do have a square-shaped room such as a 10 foot by 10 foot room. 

Learn how to stage your living room with these easy to follow diagrams.

In this ebook, Kasia has furniture layout diagrams specifically for square rooms. It includes layouts with and without fireplaces. Whether you have a couch, chairs or a loveseat, these diagrams show you the best layout options for a square-shaped room.


Online Courses

How to Stage a Living Room

Are you a real estate agent and want to add staging to your services?

Maybe you’re a homeowner who wants to Do-It-Yourself.

Then this is the course for you.

The living room is the first important room to stage and this webinar is perfect for those who need help arranging their living room and are unsure of where to put the furniture. I share 10 room layout cheat sheets for different sized rooms and staging tips to make your living room look picture perfect.

How to Stage a Bonus Room – Mini Course

This course is a must for homeowners who have a bonus room and don’t know how to stage it. Bonus rooms can be daunting because they can be so big yet un-cohesive. Kasia explains how you can tie the room togther and get it ready for pictures in this pre-recorded course. 

Coming Soon

How to Stage a Master Bedroom

Unsure how to make your master bedroom look like a luxurious hotel room? The master bedroom is the second most important room to stage. Let me show you the best layouts and staging tips during this course.

Coming Soon