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Flowers can help stage a home

When selling a home, flowers are a great way to bring in color into a room and provide a focal point. However, be aware that some flowers may wilt quickly or leave a mess on your clean tables. If your home is occupied or vacant when on the market, you may want to consider the following:

Messy flowers

While flowers such as tiger lilies or sunflowers are beautiful, they leave large amounts of pollen after a few days. If you are home to clean them up then you can use them, otherwise, I would avoid using them in a vacant home. Lilies can also have a strong sweet smell. Sunflowers are great way to bring in color and are always nice and cheery in a living area.

Longer lasting flowers

Flowers such as carnations, chrysanthemums and delphiniums last longer and tend not to wilt after a week. Carnations also come in many different colors to suite the room. Use any of these flowers in a front entrance foyer, mantle or dining room.

Dirty water                                                                      

While you may use flower food to keep the flowers fresh longer, you will still have to change out the water. Make sure you remove the lower part of the leaves so they don’t sit in water. This is one of the reasons you have to change the water out more frequently. No buyer wants to see nasty green water in vases full of beautiful flowers.

Flowers for vacant homes

If your home is vacant and you still want flowers in your home you can have some potted plants such as orchids (that require very little water) or succulents. There is the option of having someone come by the house every week to change out the flowers or a florist can do this for a fee.

Remember, you don’t want an overabundance of flowers or plants in your home because it just causes clutter. A nice bouquet in some key rooms is all you need to help create a focal point.

Home Stagers, what other flowers do you use in your clients homes?