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The Creative Home Podcast | Episode #169

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Three Interior Design Trends Going Away in 2021

Interior design trends come and go and there is no exception when it comes to 2021. We are halfway through the year and some of you may have seen some of these home interior design trends going away already. There are many more trends going away but I just picked the top 3 interior design trends going away so let’s take a look.

Listen to the podcast episode below:

Three interior design trends going away in 2021

by Kasia McDaniel | Creative Home Podcast

 1| Shiplap interior design trend

Shiplap is going out of style. Some of you may have loved that interior design trend with Magnolia Home with Joanna Gaines. We’ve had it for almost 10 years. Wallpaper is coming in but it’s the not kind of wallpaper you are thinking. We moved into a house in 2007 and that had some really ugly peach wallpaper in the bathroom. It had to come down but the wallpaper coming in now are really nice bold prints. Some have small geometric shapes but it gives you an option to use wallpaper versus hanging up wall art. Wunderwall Mural has peel and stick wallpaper that you can use in your home. I haven’t used it but they have some great designs. This product doesn’t use that nasty glue stuff used before to hang wallpaper. This is a peel and stick option and is removable and repositionable. I’ve seen it used on staircase risers so it dresses up your staircase and used in closets. They have many patterns to choose from such chevrons, wood, blooms etc. You can dress up your foyer entryway or a small bathroom.

2| All white interiors are going away

Oh thank God! I personally love color so white walls are just too plain for me. And white is just not realistic especially when you have kids. All that white can be just too much. Maybe some of you have grown kids but all that white can be too much. White walls, white couches, white rugs, white, white, white! I need just a bit of color to drown out that brightness. Now I do like my lighter wall colors and not dark walls but everyone is different. But it’s hard to keep that white stuff clean. Now I know there are some couches that have the removable covers, but I’m just lazy. I barely have enough time to clean my house like vacuum, dust and clean bathrooms. Now I have to clean dust covers? I would rather just have someone coming over and clean the couch fabric for me versus me having to take those darn covers off and washing them. I’m lazy when it comes to that. Some of you may be cheering while others will be sad that the all white interior design trend is going away in 2021.

Now what does that mean for kitchens? You may have seen white walls, white cabinets, white backsplashes in the kitchens. Now to warm that white kitchen up, you could have a butcher block island or add some wood accents in the cooktop hood, add some wooden stools or warm wood floors.

3| Matching furniture sets interior design trend

Matching furniture sets are going away as an interior design trend for 2021. For example, if you had a matching headboard with dresser and nightstands in your bedroom that is the trend that is going away. Looking at my master bedroom set, I realize nothing matches or came as a set. The gray fabric headboard came from one store while the gray/brown chest of drawers and the brown wooden nightstands came from two other stores but they all go together. So if you are thinking you have to match everything, you don’t. Even my kids bedroom sets did not come as a matching set. They have white furniture but are not the same brand or style. They have white dressers and white headboards but they are not from the same matching set and they don’t have to be.

Don’t feel like you have to buy a matching living room set either like the matching couch with loveseat. Using those two pieces can be hard to arrange in your living room. not all living room are shaped the same way.  I actually have a course on how to set up your living room based on the shape of your living room. I have diagrams as one big download, but am dividing them out based on each shape for square living room or rectangular shaped room, open concept or L-shaped room. So if you have a square shaped living room, there are the ideal set ups for that shape of the room.

Those are just three interior design trends going way in 2021 I wanted to share with you. And if you are moving into a new place, and are feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, check out my free checklist, 5 things to unpack first in your new home, so that you can get settled in quickly and get everything under control and then you can tackle the rest of the boxes.