Why I started my home staging business

by Kasia McDaniel | Home Staging Tips

Why I Started My Home Staging Business

Learn what motivated Kasia McDaniel, owner of Blue Diamond Staging & Design, to become a home stager.

What is light staging?

by Kasia McDaniel | Home Staging Tips

What is Light Staging and Does Blue Diamond Staging & Design Provide That Service?

Ever hear of light staging and wonder what it is? Can it help sell a home faster? Let Kasia McDaniel explain light staging and what she provides to homeowners.

10 Quick Staging Tips on Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is important when you are selling your home because it the first impression of your home that buyers will see. I know you are probably thinking, curb appeal is the last thing on my mind. Why should I spend any time on the outside when the inside is good enough? Because like I said, the first impression is what will stick with them. Buyers make an opinion within 8-10 seconds of seeing the home.

10 Quick Staging Tips on Curb Appeal

by Kasia McDaniel | Home Staging Tips

Nightstand Essentials When Staging Your Home

What should you have on your nightstand when selling your home? Does it look cluttered? What items should you really have on it? Let Kasia McDaniel share her tips for bedroom staging.

Nightstand essentials when selling your home

by Kasia McDaniel | Home Staging Tips

Home Staging Tips for Fall

Buyers need to fall in love with your home. Kasia McDaniel shares 4 tips to get your home ready for the real estate market if you plan on selling your home during the Fall season.

Home Staging – It Doesn’t Pay to Wait and See

Have you thought about staging but don’t know what to do? Think your home can’t look anything like those you see on HGTV? You need to get out of that mindset. Let Kasia McDaniel help explain home staging and what you can do to get your home sold faster. Listen for more details.

Home Staging - It doesn't pay to wait and see

by Kasia McDaniel | Home Staging Tips

Worst Staging Advice Given

Have you been given some bad staging advice or wonder if you REALLY need to do what they said? Let Kasia McDaniel of Blue Diamond Staging & Design share some bad staging advice given to homeowners.

How to get the kids on board with home staging

by Kasia McDaniel | Home Staging Tips

How to Get the Kids on Board with Home Staging

How do you get your house ready to sell when you have kids underfoot? Moving is stressful and the kids can stress you out even further. Listen to some tips on how to get the kids involved and still keep your sanity.

3 reasons new wall paint can help you sell your home faster

by Kasia McDaniel | Home Staging Tips

3 Reasons New Wall Paint Can Help You Sell Your Home Faster

People are worried that if they paint a room, they pick the wrong color or they don’t want to spend the money. Let Kasia McDaniel give you three reasons how a new paint color can help sell your home quickly.

Hire a Cleaning Crew to Help Sell Your Home

by Kasia McDaniel | Home Staging Tips

Hire a Cleaning Crew To Help Sell Your Home

Cleaning can be a challenge to some homeowners. Normally I would do the cleaning but then there were times where even I could not get out the stains. It helps to have professionals come in and do the cleaning for you. Let Kasia explain how a cleaning crew can help you get your home ready.

What Does a Home Stager Do?

I get this question a lot. Most times homeowners have never staged their home before and are wondering if they really need the help. Kasia McDaniel explains what she does during her home staging consultation and beyond.

Should I remove my popcorn ceiling?

by Kasia McDaniel | Home Staging Tips

Should I Remove My Popcorn Ceiling?

Is a popcorn ceiling REALLY a concern for home buyers? Sometimes the priorities have to be considered and a popcorn ceiling may not be one. Kasia McDaniel explains what may be a bigger concern and then what you can do about the ceiling.