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screened in porch

A screened in porch is a great addition to a home. If you are lucky enough to have a back porch or deck attached to your home, you probably know how useful it can be as a second outdoor dining area or just a place to sit and relax. A porch usually has some kind of roof over it which makes it nice to keep the sun off or for those weather threatening days for a party. But have you ever thought about screening it to make it a 3 season room? If so, your flooring is one of the most important things to consider.

Deck Flooring Problem

As a mom, I am constantly thinking about cleaning and I usually am the one who ends up doing it. Food on the floor and springtime pollen can be a pain to sweep up outside. I wanted something easy that won’t cause more headaches or have to pull out the hose and wash everything off. Screened in porches are great because they keep the flies off the food and the mosquitoes away. But a common deck floor has spaces between the planks. So what do you do?

Screened in porch flooring solution

screened in porch flooringFor an outdoor porch, I learned one secret to making the room totally bug-free. That is to make the deck flooring using tongue and groove planks. This way, the food doesn’t fall through the cracks under the deck AND bugs can’t fly in from under the deck either. If food falls down, which is bound to happen when you have kids and parties, that food will attract bugs to the area under the deck. Once they find that food source, they will start to swarm and will fly into your screened in porch! Totally negates the fact of keeping bugs out of your screened in porch, right?

If you are considering building a screened in porch, talk to your builder about using decking that uses tongue and groove installation and acts like a sealed floor in your porch. Some may balk at the idea because it is installed outside, but since the flooring is covered by a roof, it won’t be as susceptible to the sun and rain. There are flooring products out there that look beautiful and contractors who use them. As for cleaning, you can use Swiffer products to pick up the pollen or a broom just like you would use inside your home.

So let the bugs stay outside where they belong and enjoy some outdoor time safely in your screened in porch.

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