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Oscar awardAnd the award goes to…

you the homeowner! But only if you took the necessary steps to get it sold. Whether you watch the Oscars, Grammys or Country Music Awards or not, you know there is always a winner. Actors or singers put on a show to entertain people and get them to like them or their movie.  It is the same thing when it comes to selling your home. You are trying to find a buyer who will fall in love with your home. It is a competition just like the Grammy Awards. Who will win the award to buy your home? To win the award, you have to prepare for the role, set the stage, surround yourself with some great supporting actors. Once you have all this done, the audience will love you, or in this case, the buyer will love your home.

Prepare for the role

Notice the beautiful gowns or the sexy tuxedos at the award ceremony?  The actors don’t show up in their pajamas with their hair messed up, so why should your home? It takes hours to look that beautiful and select the perfect outfit. Your home should be well cleaned and kept up as well. The front yard needs a haircut. The windows should be clean. Put on your best bed sheets and covers. Add flowers to the table. This is all part of putting your best foot forward on the red carpet.

Set the stage

Show the best features of your home. You wouldn’t take a picture of every single bathroom would you? It’s just not necessary. Give them a taste of what your home can offer. Just like a teaser for a movie trailer. Perhaps a view from the living room or maybe a huge recreation room or cute nursery. Actors work hard to make you believe in their character. Your home has to play the part for a family or a retired couple. You need to make sure the home is staged for the target buyer (or audience).

Supporting actors

You know that a real estate agent is there to handle all the paperwork to sell your home and get a contract signed. But who are the other people behind the scenes? There is the home stager who prepares the house by arranging furniture, removing items, recommending changes and gets it ready for the picture perfect photos. A photographer comes in after the house is staged to take pictures for the MLS online photos. Then you have a home inspector, general handyman, appraiser and more, all to help you get your home sold.

As you sit and watch another awards ceremony, think about your home on the market. Will it win any awards? Maybe “Best view of the lake” or the “Best place to live near a golf course” or perhaps “Best dressed”. Take a careful look at your home and see how it stands out among the competition. And if you aren’t sure, talk with a home stager to get their professional opinion.