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Too many TVs in your home?

In a scene from the movie, “Back to the Future”, Marty McFly goes back in time to 1955 and finds himself eating dinner with his mother (Lorraine) and her family. Lorraine’s father rolls in their new TV set and Lorraine says, “Our first television set. Dad just picked it up today. Do you have a television?” Marty replies, “Well yeah, you know we have 2 of them.” Lorraine’s brother replies, “Wow you must be RICH!” and Lorraine’s mother responds with “Oh honey, he’s just teasing you. Nobody has 2 television sets!”

Nowadays you can’t turn around without a TV set in each room. The kitchen, the living room, family room, bedroom and sometimes even the bathroom!

As a home stager, there can be too much of a good thing and TVs are no exception. Be aware of how the room looks with a big black box taking up wall space. When you take a picture of the room for your listing, the TV will not be turned on and will look like a big black box. Instead of showing a big black box, hang a painting, mirror or clock. Anything with color other than a big black box on a wall.

Home Staging Scenarios with a TV

I had 2 clients that had too many television sets in the home. In the picture below, the eat in kitchen had a TV mounted on the wall for the treadmill. So not only was the room not used as intended, there was a TV in it. I recommended removing the TV and put in a table and chairs for the eat in kitchen.

eat in kitchen-webTV in eat in kitchen before - small








Another client had 2 TVs in the master bedroom, TVs in each child’s room, TV in the formal living room, TV in the hallway nook plus a TV in the master bathroom! That is just too many television sets. Formal living rooms are meant for conversations and while they may be a dying trend, use the room as intended. You can always make it less formal and keep the furniture casual or make it a place to read some books. As for the master bedroom with 2 TVs, how can you possibly watch them at the same time? The volume would have to be turned down on one so you could hear the other. It’s just all too distracting and not realistic.

Home staging is meant to be realistic. Yes you want to show the buyer how they can live in the home but please stay away from the multiple black boxes in each room. Visually it’s just distracting and there is nothing pretty about it.

As a home stager, I recommend pairing it down to 2 television sets in the house. When taking pictures of each room, it would be hard to keep the TVs out of each shot. By all means make the TV connections accessible, just don’t use them all.