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“A man’s home is his castle” – Sir Edward Coke

Sir Edward stated this back in 1604 where you could find castles around the world. They were built to defend against enemies from taking your land especially when they were out in the middle of nowhere. Nowadays, we have suburban areas and urban areas so you won’t find many castles. But when I think of castles, I think about how lavishly they were decorated and how they were used to entertain guests. We want to invite friends over (when COVID is over) and relax, have fun and enjoy time together too. So should you decorate or stage your home like a castle? Well let’s talk about the similarities of a home and a castle.

Beautiful architecture

Castles are in itself, awe inspiring and something that people dream up out of fairy tales. We were lucky enough to visit Neuschwanstein Castle located in Bavaria, Germany. It was under construction when we visited, but can you believe this castle was Disney’s inspiration for Sleeping Beauty’s Castle?

Architecture has a big deal to do with a castle as it does for your home. Your home may be a colonial, mid century modern or a farmhouse but they are all architecture that draws buyers in when you sell it.

Why did you pick your home? I’m sure location had to do with it, but it probably had to look nice from the outside, right?

Castles have a unique architecture which is your basic curb appeal. While some may have a moat around it, a castle’s curb appeal is enticing. Who doesn’t want to say that they stayed overnight in a real castle? There is just something about it because a castle is a unique place. You don’t see one on every corner. That is why when you sell your home, you need to make it stand out among the competition. I talk about other castles we visited in my podcast that you can listen to here.

Interior Home Decor

When we visited these castles, we were excited to see the outside but we also got to walk inside some of the castles too. However, when we went inside Neuschwanstein Castle, we were disappointed to see that not many rooms were even decorated. We found out during the tour, that the king died before he saw the completed castle and didn’t have much money to finish decorating it. The only rooms decorated and furnished were the kings chambers, the queen’s chambers and sitting room and a music room. Even the throne room didn’t have a throne!

It reminded me of staging a home. When you walk into a home and you see online pictures of how beautiful it looks, you expect to see furniture and decor to complete the look. However, some homes sit vacant and it doesn’t give the buyer an idea of how to set it up. It’s an empty shell. Only 10% of buyers can actually envision the space so that is why staging becomes important. Debra Gould, of the Staging Diva, says that “home stagers use their creative talents to turn properties into ‘dream homes’ that real estate buyers fall in love with.” To create a dream home to look like a castle, you need to stage it so buyers are wowed into putting in an offer because they love it.

Stage a room with a purpose

As you can see from the pictures above, you can basically tell what the room is for. One is a dining room, another is an old fashioned sink, an armory and a seating nook. This is important for buyers because some will only see the pictures or video online. You need to show all the bedrooms available when it comes to selling your home. Stage your home so that buyers don’t have to guess how to use the room.

When we took a tour through Meersburg Castle in Konstanz, Gremany, we didn’t have an audio tour. We had a pamphlet that described the rooms which we could mostly guess as we walked into it. The rooms were labeled on the map and there were interesting ones that we wanted to see like the throne room and the dungeon!

Another castle we visited was Heidelberg Castle and they had some rooms set up but we could not take pictures inside. One room had 13 candle chandeliers that had about 30 candles per chandelier! I would hate to be the one who has to light all those candles, am I right? They also had their own pharmacy onsite and many fireplaces.

One famous landmark we visited in 2019 was the Tower of London. We walked through to see the Crown Jewels (no photography again) but we got to see some more kings bedrooms and a throne room (pictures below).

Staging a home with creature comforts

While castles surely had their limitations (no central air or plumbing), they showed off their comfort areas. Living spaces were lavish and had the space to hold numerous people to wine and dine. You can still show off your living room and dining areas and make sure to show off the kitchen and any extras the home may provide. For example, we have a huge walk in pantry and a large mudroom that would work nicely for large families. That is surely a comfort feature of the home. Or how about the pool in the backyard? Make sure that area is clean and furniture is arranged to show off how lucky the new owners would be in this home.

So should you stage your home like a castle? YES! Show off the curb appeal, make sure your home is decorated so they can envision themselves living in there and show off your creature comforts! 

If you need help staging one room or the whole house, be sure to contact me so I can help you get your home sold faster.