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pink houseExterior paint colors

You walk around your dream suburban neighborhood, admiring the houses, landscaping and quietness until you run across a pink house. You may think, “Who would ever consider using that color and does it fit in?” As a home owner and a mother, I understand how important it is to find the right neighborhood. You want to find the right blend of atmosphere and convenience to your favorite places in town. Neighborhoods show you how people live. By looking at just the curb appeal, home style and colors, you can tell a lot about the people who live there.

That is why the exterior paint color of your home can be so important. Take a walk around the neighborhood and see what colors are used on the houses down your block. On the Outer Banks by the Atlantic Ocean, the houses come in different styles, colors and sizes! But what would you think if you saw a pink house?

Where can pink work?

As a home stager, I volunteered at a local middle school career fair and had a table set out with all sorts of paint colors, brochures, floor samples and more. On a wood stain fan deck, there was a pink stained piece of wood. Many of the teenagers balked at the idea of a pink house or floor! And here I though the millennials would love this expression of color.

Many asked if I would ever recommend that color to a homeowner. I replied, no, but then again, there are some situations where it could be used. For instance, a local ice cream shop may have a deck for its customers to sit at some tables outside. Why not stain the deck pink to add some whimsy if that is the store’s logo colors? Carthage Creamery in Carthage, NC embraced this color to make the place more fun and stand out to the community.

Or if you are building a fort for your daughter, she might want a pink rooftop. That pink colored stained wood might be the icing on her fort. At the beach, the pink house fits right in alongside the purple, green and blue houses. And since most beach houses have a unique name so that renters can identify them better, the “Pink Flamingo house” might just be what you need to make it stand out among the competition.

So before you turn your nose up at a pink or pastel house, know if it the color fits in your neighborhood or business. It might just bring some green dollars to your door.

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