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Blue Ain’t Your Color…or is it?

As Keith Urban croons, Blue Ain’t Your Color, it may actually be a color you love in your home. Blue is a soothing and calming color because it makes you feel less agitated. It slows down the heart rate and makes you feel more relaxed. I know I feel more relaxed when I visit the beach and look at the ocean water. There is a sense of calm that makes all those troubles go away. That is why some architects, designers and even hospitals will use blue in their spaces.

Most homeowners use blue in their bedroom to help them calm down after hard day at work. You can use it on the walls, but if that is out of the budget, all you need to do is use it on pillows, sheets or a throw blanket. To get the spa feeling in the bathroom, use it on towels or rugs. Don’t stop there though. You can use it in other rooms such as the living room, dining room and even laundry room.


The inspiration to paint my laundry room wall in Wave Crest by Behr reminded me of our family time at the beach. We used beige brown tile to mimic the sandy beach for the flooring and crisp white shelving on the walls for storage. I then hung artwork related to the beach and this room no longer is stark and boring! I am not a fan of doing laundry. But by turning the room into something I love (the beach), I am more willing to go in there and get the laundry done. The bright blue baskets help organize (and hide) cleaning supplies and add a punch of color too!


You don’t have to paint the walls blue to get your fix. You can use it in any number of accessories such as pillows, lamp shades, curtains, side tables or ottomans. Use neutral colored furniture for the background and use blue to accentuate the space. Blue also pairs well with orange or green colors. Use a favorite pillow or artwork to help tie all the colors together. This will help you mix and match them in a room. Whether you are staging your home to sell or updating it to give it some new life, blue may just be your color. Use pillows or artwork to help you decide your color palette.

blue cushions blue ottoman blue artwork

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